Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Heat Recovery Ventilation & Extract System

It is a known fact that letting fresh air in dramatically reduces the spread of airborne viruses including COVID-19. The challenge is at the same time as ventilating a room trying to keep the room warm enough for a comfortable living or working environment.

We know that if someone has COVID 19 (or any other virus) this get transmitted via tiny droplets in their breath.

A Heat recovery ventilation and extract systems will reduce the risk of airborne droplets inside substantially.

Here are just a few benefits of good ventilation in the work place.

  1. Reduces sick time taken.
  2. Controls the humidity in the rooms
  3. Controls energy costs
  4. Improves the comfort for personal. Let face a germ-free comfortable workplace will keep everyone happy. We spend 90% of our days indoors so keeping it healthy has lots of benefits.
  5. Improves productivity.
  6. A safer environment for the reduction in risk to COVID 19

Heat Recovery Ventilation & Extract System

CM COOLING RECOMMENDS THE Mitsubishi Heavy Air Conditioning SAF Heat Recovery Unit.

How it a heat exchange system works
The stale damp air from inside the room is extracted through a ventilation system. It passes through the exchange system and which recovers the heat from the old internal air and transfers this heat to the fresh incoming air.

All the old air is vented outside and the clean fresh air from outside is warmed and pushed into the internal space. Neither the steams of air ever get in contact with each other. Therefore all the pollutants from the inside are safely vented outside


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