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Keep Cool This Summer - We are Installers of Domestic Air Conditioning


Domestic air conditioning is becoming more common in the UK. With higher temperatures during the summer months air conditioning is becoming a must and is being installed in many domestic properties.

With many different designs around you will be able to find an air conditioning unit that suites your needs.

It also depends on the building you are putting the air conditioning in as to what design you would want. We find that the most popular unit is a split wall mounted air conditioner or a multi split. It is called a split air conditioner because it has an outside and an inside part.
The reason for the split is that, like other models it keeps the hot outside and the cool inside. The compressor and the condensing coils are on kept on the outside of the house and the evaporator coils and blower are on the inside of the house.

Don’t worry our expert will take you through and explain how it all works


We have years of experience in domestic air conditioning installations.  We can help you keep cool during those days and nights that have searing heat that exhausts us all.

Want to feel better, clearer headed and sleep better then installation of an air conditioning unit may well be whats needed.

They are now much cheaper to run and can double up as heating and dehumidifiers.  Giving you a 3 functions in 1  unit

Worried about the look, nowadays they are better designed to fit into our modern homes.

Give us a call for a quite to install your domestic air conditioning.


The other great advantage to our split unit domestic air conditioning is that they are also heat pumps, and can be used as heaters during the winter months or in the cool evenings. Making them useful in both summer and winter.

Air conditioning units are very economical and their energy requirements and minimal. Maybe you only want 1 or 2 rooms cooling in the summer and not the whole house this can easily achieved.

We are now finding that air conditioning is being installed in many new builds adding value to the properties they are fitted in. We can find a solution for any property and the wall mounted air conditioning units and much prettier then they used to be.

We will also measure the rooms you want the domestic air conditioning installed in and work out the size of unit you need

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A great service with competitive prices . Arrived on time were polite and very professional. Hoovered on completion and explained how to operate our new system

Mark E

Great first experience with CM Cooling Control. Problem sorted, no time wasted, out within the hour of calling and reasonable price. Nice to have a reliable local contact in Luke and long may it continue.

Carl B

Just had CM Cooling install 3 AC units last week in our London campus and the speed and quality of the install was second to none.

Great service from a very knowledgeable guy.

Daniel L

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